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Username Reg. Date Deposit
Sebanet Mar-3-2019 10:01:34 PM $400.00
AmazinglyBlazee3997 Mar-2-2019 05:21:47 PM $107.27
shima Mar-2-2019 05:20:51 PM $87.54
lesauveur Mar-2-2019 05:19:33 PM $550.00
emzyonline Mar-2-2019 05:18:39 PM $44.11
peteseal Mar-2-2019 05:17:44 PM $24.09
Garlock Mar-2-2019 05:16:36 PM $71.32
magdy Mar-2-2019 05:15:44 PM $203.61
tycoon60 Mar-2-2019 05:14:30 PM $210.78
Mitch Mar-2-2019 05:13:28 PM $71.24

Important Update
We are no longer allowing requests for transfer of account balance funds from kirkpays.com to kirkfelt.com, effective immediately. Everyone should now go through the normal procedure of earning and withdrawing using the imposed limits (currently) on kirkpays.com. more

Minimum Withdrawal & Added Dues
We have started adding the dues on a daily basis here, these were computed from the old website kirklandfelt.com . Minimum withdrawal amount is $2.50 and maximum for now is $15.00. more

Recovery Website
Welcome to the Kirkland & Felt Limited Recovery Website. Please ensure that you read all information in the homepage for better understanding of what this website is for. more

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